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_A message from Linda_

– Creator of Card Snobs –

I am the ultimate card snob. Ever since I can remember my friends and family have always tried to find the best cards to send our nearest and dearest. Liverpool has always been such a great place to do this’ it is a tradition for so many that started many generations ago here in Merseyside.

However, I spent most of my working life in ‘Retail’ working for Ethel Austin and Mothercare as Manageress as I also love working with the public.
You can image how lucky I feel today I am now the owner of Card Snobs making designer and bespoke cards in a shop environment which is very different to anywhere else.

You will find me on the shop floor or in the back creating the cards, always covered in glitter from head to toe and always with a cup of tea in my hand.

My favourite Card Snobs Item is our customers “Photo Cards” I do love the photo cards, we get lots of lovely stories off customers behind each photo. I especially love the tiny baby photos! 

– A little about Card Snobs –

There are so many places you can grab a card from quickly, but here at Card Snobs we believe a creative and thoughtful card can sometimes be better than a gift itself! That is why, with our small team we strive to make everything we do as unique and beautiful as possible.
The thought behind “Card Snobs” came from the idea that so many of us are particular, selective and take pride in cards that we give and it is fair to say all of us are partial to receiving a nice card ourselves!

Card Snobs cards are handmade at the shop and are tailor made for each individual, whether you want that special photograph going on it…or a fried egg with a tin of beans (yes, this has happened). Every message has a special meaning to someone, we take pride in what we do to make sure that your card is not only special to you but to whoever it is being passed on to. We like to think our cards will last for years and will also be kept by those receiving them for years as well.
Although we are small team, and fairly new to the high street, we have a lot more to offer than your budget card shop and we have a lot more planned for the future!
If you’re local, come in and say hi and have a look, see for yourself the difference I will be happy to show you around.

Linda and all at Card Snobs who are also covered in Glitter!

– A little about Card Snobs –

– Card Snobs Customers –

– Card Snobs Customers –

– Our team –

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