Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Linda – Card Snobs owner and the ultimate card snob herself. Linda’s family and friends are on the hunt for the best cards in liverpool when it comes to her birthday, which is pretty difficult since the shop opened. Linda has loved art all her life, studying Art in college. She can pick up a pencil and draw portraits to perfection. With this passion for art, Linda started attending card making classes. You’ll find Linda on the shop floor or in the back creating the cards, but she’ll always be covered in glitter from head to toe with a cup of tea in her hand.
Linda’s Favourite Card Snobs Item: “I love the photo cards, we get lots of lovely stories off customers behind each photo. I especially love the tiny baby photos!”
Linda’s fun fact: “I’m back working with my sister, which I love, we used to work in Ethel Austin’s together”

Ann – Ann is the first person you’ll see, sat behind the till, as you enter the shop on the Childwall five ways and who you speak to on the phone. Ann has many years of experience of management in the retail industry. Ann loves talking to all the customers and can help you create/design the card to fit your needs. Ann & Linda are two peas in a pod and if you haven’t guessed, they’re sisters and love working together.
Ann’s Favourite Card Snobs Item: “My favourite cards are my own that I’ve been given by my family, especially the locket, I loved it so much I had it framed”
Ann’s Fun Fact:  “I love my work colleagues and customers!”

Sophie – Linda has known Sophie for a number of years, as a friend of her son throughout school. Sophie has an eye for art, photography and design and this is shown through the cards she creates. She has worked on the Card Snobs project with Linda since day one. From learning the trade, training days in Essex, buying stock and all the research that goes behind it. Sophie is the main creator of all invitations, birthday and wedding items. Please ask if you’d like to arrange a meeting with Sophie to put together the perfect invitations/save the dates for your special day.
Sophie’s Favourite Card Snobs Item: “Any Disney themed card!!!”
Sophie’s Fun Fact:

Millie – The apprentice, Millie has been completing her college work experience with us, starting before we moved into the shop in Childwall. Millie has a passion for art and design achieving high grades in the GCSE’s. The experience she is gaining is the shop is for her future career going to university to study in the graphic design industry, the project’s Millie creates are destined to get her far in this industry. We’re very lucky to have her on board.
Millie’s Favourite Card Snobs Item:
Millie’s Fun Fact:

Alex – Monty has experience creating and designing in the hair dressing industry. Alex was a student at the Andrew Collinge and has entered competition’s doing hair up creations. Alongside this, monty is a fun-loving, wine drinking, member of the team, who takes such care and concentration on every individual card in the back craft room to make perfection. Monty is also a self-employed hair dresser & wine connoisseur, if we’re popping into town after work monty can make us look fabulous. Ask for Monty on the shop floor for more details.
Alex’s Favourite Card Snobs Item: “The Sophia Webster shoe card is just fabulous, I want to wear them!”
Alex’s Fun Fact:


Aunite Pat – If you call in to Card Snobs on a Tuesday, you’ll be lucky enough to meet our Auntie Pat.
There’s no doubt that she’ll be on the shop floor to have a natter and help you choose a card. Auntie Pat calls in to see her nieces Linda and Ann and to give a helping hand, making elements of our cards and glittering our grabbers. She brightens our day and also makes us all a lovely, well needed cuppa tea.
Auntie Pat’s Favourite Card Snobs Item:
Auntie Pat’s Fun Fact:

There are also many others who pop in to the shop to give a helping hand. We’d like to thank those friends and members of the family for helping in times of need and simply calling in to say hello. Your care and support means a lot to us! Please call into the shop to meet our wonderful Card Snobs themselves! See you soon!

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